Anger Management for Parents & Teens

2 - Session Training Workshop

Parents & Teens

2 Session Training Workshop is designed to help both parent(s) and teen(s) to understand how to communicate, learn techniques to control fear and anxiety, manage your anger, and most importantly work together as a family!

4-hour workshop



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Session 1.

The workshop for teens will be hosted during the day (school hours). This discussion is motivated towards daily issues for teens and teach them how to manage anger when communicating with parents, teachers, and seniors. Watch as teens move from being rude and disrespectful to cool, calm, and collective! Attitudes, facial expressions, and non-verbals change as a result of attending this workshop! Teachers can expect a more discipline student, more subdued, and manageable which will lead to better grades and a positive outcomes!

Session 2.

The workshop for parents will be hosted after work hours in the evenings. Parents will learn how to lead, maintain control of the situation, without losing control! Parenting can be stressful whether you are a single parent or not! This training will change the way you react to your teen. Lean how to stop REACTING and act in a positive, angry free manner that will yield better results! The change starts with you, this workshop is vital to living in harmony!

  • Learn how to agree to disagree peacefully

  • Training will help you manage your anger at home & at work

  • Set an example within your household (family, friends, & co-workers)

  • Take back control over yourself and your home

*This training workshop is offered through the school districts

Anger Management for Teens

Our teens and young adults really are the future of tomorrow. It is because of this we must take time out to minister to them, educated them, and support them. Many are simply followers of today's social norms! You have some teens living in the shadows of domestic violence, financial hardships, heartbreak, peer pressure, teen age pregnancy, substance abuse, school violence, bullying, neglect, and so much more! My heart goes out to the 'teens' of today because they are living with things our generation did not have to deal with.

Check out the features and benefits of this workshop:


  • Designed especially for Kids and Teens
  • Learn important life skills for career and relationships
  • Learn how to halt escalation in angry situations
  • Learn how to identify and deal with trigger thoughts
  • Learn the real reasons underneath the angry feelings
  • Learn about the role of ‘shame’ in their anger
  • Learn relaxation and calming techniques
  • Monitor angry feelings using the Anger Log
  • Kids and Teens can use Workbook alone or with help of an adult
  • Healthy structure with 12 sequential sessions
  • Proven effectiveness in reducing overall levels of anger


  • Increases Self Control
  • Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Promotes more positive attitude
  • Provides Anger Management Skills and Concepts
  • Provides healthy alternatives to acting out anger
  • Provides Problem Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Conflict Resolution Skills and Concepts
  • Provides Coping Behaviors
  • Provides Effective Techniques for dealing with ‘Bullies’

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Job Training for Teens

Calling all teens who desire to work! This is a must 'attend' training, customized just for teens! This workshop teaches you the following:

  • Teaches you how to look for a safe job
  • Helps you design a resume and cover letter
  • How to complete online and in person job applications
  • How to interview for the job (mock interviews)
  • How to sell yourself to the potential employer
  • Learn how to get promotions on the job
  • Dressing for success (at school, at work, and at home)
  • How to handle disagreements and conflicts at work
  • Learn about drug testing and physical exams for work
  • And so much more!

Self Esteem Workshops for Teens

What we think about ourselves is extremely important because we will behave and live our lives based on, 'how we feel about ourselves'. If you feel good about yourself, chances are you will grow up and live a productive life! But, let's think about those who have negative thoughts about themselves or those who don't think they are worth living a good life! This workshop teaches students the following:

Skills and Concepts

  • Learn to Identify your own behavior as Self Esteem, Aggressive, or Passive
  • Four Modes of Communicating
  • Learn to distinguish between the Four Modes of Communicating
  • Defining criteria for measuring change in Self Esteem Communication
  • Basic premises underlying the Four Modes of Communicating
  • Identifying traditional assumptions and Countering with Self Esteem Rights
  • Broken Record Technique
  • Confronting your fears about Self Esteem Behavior
  • Criticism as Manipulation
  • Acknowledgment
  • Clouding
  • Probing
  • Content-to-Process shift
  • Time Out
  • Slowing Down
  • Self Esteem Position Statement
  • Self Esteem Listening
  • Self Esteem Position Statement – Expressing and Listening
  • Workable Compromise


  • To learn Self Esteem Communication Skills used in a variety of settings to improve your relationships both school, family, and personal
  • To distinguish Self Esteem from Aggressive, Passive, Passive-Aggressive communication
  • To distinguish Self Esteem rights from myths about self esteem
  • To explore your fears about Self Esteem