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"LIfeStyle Advisor Service"

LifeStyle Advisor Service - Get advice about life's most intimate and challenging issues as it relates to managing your anger! This service is offered via Skype. You are welcome to join our, "Queen of Clubs Membership" in order to take advantage of our discounts. Another option, is to simply book an appointment for the service without the membership benefits. It's up to you! Book your appointment on the go! Easy to use drag & drop functionality you can add appointments at anytime.


  • Get tips on how to continue to manage your anger
  • Advice on how to respectfully work with others on the job - without displaying anger
  • Learn how to use the Anger Management tools to win at home
  • Build your relationship on love not anger
  • Get physical techniques on getting rid of anger
  • Open discussion welcome (as it relates to anger management)


  • Certified Anger Management Specialist - Certified with National Anger Management Association
  • Over 15 years of counseling work experience (high risk offenders, teens & young adults, educated career-minded adults, substance abusers, suicidal clients, violent clients, mentally challenged, and welfare-to-work clients, to name a few!
  • Successfully completed 4 year accredited college and received Bachelor's Degree (1991)
  • 5 - years of work experience as Counselor III - for an accredited university
  • VIC (Volunteer for Department of Corrections) - more than 17 years (active status)
  • Over 100 hours of continuous educational trainings & workshops with the Missouri Department of Probation & Parole:

Domestic Violence                                          Deception Detection

Gender Responsive Assessment                Balancing Your Mental Wheel

Connection to Success                                  Vicarious Trauma

Preferred Family Co-Occurring                   Workforce Development

IRS Prisoner Reentry Workshop                 PREA Prison Rape Elimination Act

MAT Medicated Assisted Treatment        Power of Communications

  • Author of two books, "In Jail Without The Bail" and "Anger Management Log & Diary"
  • Studying for the Certification for Domestic Violence*
  • Recipient of the 2015 NAACP Humanitarian Award

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The Cost of the LifeStyle Advisor Sessions?

$50.00 for a 30 minute session via Skype

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