Ann Perry, CAMS-I, Founder & Sr. Trainer

Founder & CEO

Professional Profile:

Congratulations, Ann Perry, CAMS-I - Certified Anger Management Specialist - Certification obtained with the National Anger Management Association also known as NAMA. Click here to verify credentials

Facilitator in adult learning (classroom style) settings

Over 20 years of training and development experience

VIC with Department of Correction (Probation & Parole) - 17 years & active

Over 17 years of work experience with offender population

Approximately 100 training hour with Probation & Parole

Ability to provide elbow-support during training sessions

Able to build strong professional, relationships with administrators, managers, and staff

Facilitate the execution of all training plans; evaluate training effectiveness

Ann Perry & Associates is a Training & Development Firm that provides corporate training, Anger Management Classes, and a host of specialized training workshops for offenders. Servicing those behind bars and those out on probation & parole.  Our team has over 50 years of work experience in training & development. The Sr. Trainer & Founder, Ann Perry, has over 20 years of experience working with high risk offenders. She continues to hold a VIC with the Missouri Department of Correction for more than 16 years, has had approximately 100 training hours facilitated by, Probation & Parole’s top Trainers. She has also authored two books, (In Jail Without The Bail and Anger Management Log & Diary), she is the President & CEO of a local Prison Ministry, and was the recipient of the 2015 NAACP Humanitarian Award. And, lastly she is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, certified by the National Anger Management Association. Ann is currently preparing for the Domestic Violence Certification exam.

Our mission & goal is simple. We want to educate, train, and motivate our clients and help them reach their full potential both personally & professionally. The purpose of providing the anger management classes is to help DECREASE THE CRIME RATE within the inner cities!  Yes, we are different than the average Anger Management class! Our program offers free t-shirts, free workbook(s), evening & weekend classes, free Anger Management Club Membership (after completing the training, clients will return monthly for a social gathering for maintenance), Refresher Class (sometimes clients need to retake the class in half the time as a refresher, can be used prior to sending back in jail).

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"Over 50 Years of Training Experience"

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"Ann Perry & Associates, host awesome workshops! Sign up today...You will not be disappointed! Not only will your team grow professionally, but also personally. It truly is a win win for everyone!."

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